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My Journey

How it  began..

I'm not exactly sure when it changed. I mean I've always known. Mom says that the first conversation was when she was pregnant with my baby brother. (My middle brother is also adopted) I don't remember. Seems I wanted to know if I had come from her tummy too. Mom says she explained to me that no, her tummy had been broken and I came from another mommy's tummy, she and daddy had adopted me. So I grew up knowing I was adopted and that was that, I was satisfied with the answer. And I was, satisfied, with the answer for years.


As I grew up loved and spoiled I decided and completely believed that I was doubly blessed. I had a a birth mother, somewhere. "She" for whatever reason had decided she couldn't raise me herself but knew there was another woman out there, waiting, yearning, just for me. I also had mom, the woman who went through a long sad journey of miscarriage after miscarriage and the mountain of paperwork, frustration and heartache that is the adoption process. Yes, I am doubly blessed. That same process brought them together. Not face to face but through the British high court, powdered wigs and finally a beautifully hand written birth certificate with my name on it, Caroline Jane Parfitt.  

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