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I am Caroline Parfitt Castelli and I am my mothers daughter

I was born July 31st, 1961 in London, England on Michael and Elaine Parfitt's 7th wedding anniversary

Caroline Christening.JPG

Mom and Dad had me christened March 18, 1962

I've had this idea for almost 30 years.  It has danced around my brain, a book idea first, think "Chicken Soup for the Soul", and now a blog idea in need of my attention.  My journey has made me realize that there are actually six distinct letters and voices in the adoption triangle.  There are probably six more if fathers are included but that isn't a piece I personally have any experience with.  Maybe, hopefully,  they are a natural progression and become additional pieces (and pages) to this story. 

Letters To and From My Mothers is driven by a need to express my love and appreciation to the two mothers of my life.  Letters that I would send to the woman who gave me up and to the amazing woman who is my mom.


It occurred to me that each of them might also have letters.  My birth mother, a letter for me, the child she gave up and a letter to the woman who raised her child.  My mom, a letter to the woman who gave her a child and one for me, the child she raised as her own.

Powerful feelings and stories, each unique and too often unheard.  I realize that very few may ever get the opportunity to actually connect but I know from experience that just writing the letters is amazingly therapeutic.   

Maybe having a space to share and be heard can help others.  All I know is that I need to try.   


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